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Weed Control

ABRA are located in Perth, Western Australia.
All forms of Weed Control are taken care of by ABRA.

Domestic home lawns, Factory verges, Shopping centre lawns, Vacant Blocks, Garden beds, Paving and Driveways..

If you want to kill weeds or grass, then ABRA are your answer. Weed spraying in Perth is a specialty for ABRA. We will make sure your weeds will die so that your lawn will grow better.

Every property is different. You may have problems with Bindii in your lawn. Maybe Broadleaf and Clover in your Paving. Or Couch and Kikuyu in your Garden Beds. No matter what weed or grass problem you have, Weed Busters can fix your weed problem no problem.

We also provide a Lawn Beetle/Wetting Agent and Fertiliser package through the summer growing season. November to March.